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So much has changed as we evolved and you’d not believe where I’ve been and the trip I’ve been on. I have a lot to share with you and more in the near future. I invite you to visit me often to view my new ideas and products.  Follow me and even join me if you like, in my fight for my rights against a crime I have not done and my right to express and expose abuses that occurred.

The best part is, I’m still my snarky self.

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I’ve missed you all and if you’re new to my website I welcome you. – MsBrenda

Call to action! My Art and Expression Under Attack In Litigation Process…

Honestly, I have never seen anything quite like this before but it is happening. A woman in Ohio filed litigation using fictitious allegations because her and friends simply do not like my art and expression of opinion. Lies were created in their agenda which have affected my work, business, services offered, my life and family in many ways. I have recently hired an attorney and plan to fight tooth and nail for my rights. If this can be done to me, it can be done to you as well. It’s wrong and it’s criminal. Helping me in this fight is helping you fight for your rights as well. We can not let strangers in social media control who we are just because they don’t like us for having the freedom of choice and opinion.

Call to Action

frivolous litigation and an ultimatum accepted