Creating art with multiple purpose.

Did you know,  a person doesn’t need special skills to be an artist?

An artist is a person who regularly attempts to express, to their self or others,their thoughts, emotions, or perceptions – real or imagined – through some form of media or performance. Repetition is the key, in my opinion. Everyone is able to create art and you can perceive even natural objects as art.

Abstract is very forgiving and a good platform to start with.
Paint pouring techniques is my latest field of study and its ability to heal
negative emotions.  When I’m asked, “how did you do that?” My desire to help others is top and foremost. I have made some video tutorials showing my technique and if you have more questions, please contact me.

Art is therapeutic and inspirational to me and many others.
Art truly has the power to heal us and touch us in a life-giving way.
The act of creating art enhances self-esteem, gives a sense of control, and relieves stress and tension by taking the mind off of problems. … Anyone can do art healing, and most people do art healing in their own homes, using whatever methods they prefer and creating any type of artwork.

Something as simple as painting a flower with bright colors can uplift your mood in the dead of winter.

Release Unconscious Bad Energy. Open up to a New Experience & Deep Healing.
Let Go….