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Established in the mid 90’s on eBay, a few walk-in locations and websites, I have been a whip maker and leather crafter for over 30 years. I started with woodworking by incorporating leather applique and soon worked into a passion for pimping out Harley’s and other bikes with leather, providing customized chaps and saddlebags.

My desire for good customer relations is vital to me next to providing quality crafted goods and complete customer satisfaction.
I want happy clients and when you’re happy, I’m happy!

After acquiring extensive repetitive strain injury and multiple repair surgeries, my interest and career shifted to digital creations.
It was a must. I had to change careers. Occasionally I still enjoy working the leather shop and my passion is teaching the skills of the trade I have learned.

I have been providing live stream instructional projects for leather crafting and mosaic art with broken china that helps pay for my advancement into the field of Digital Media Design, my final goal.

I make soap and lotions, I like to cook and show kitchen hacks I have established. Gardening ideas and my experiencing growing good food. But most of all my passion is crafting leather goods, video production and visual storyboards. 
A very special thanks to my supporters and fans!

If you’re interested in joining me live stream to talk about a topic, please contact me.

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