If someone asked you to dox a couple 12 year old girls with Youtube channels  and screen share showing you do this activity while a person is recording you doxxing these kids…… WHAT WOULD YOU DO?
I bailed!  But that person set out to take me down and over the next 2 years a series of events will unfold into a fictitious litigation case by recruiting friends to conspire, cyber stalk, and even created their own death threat in order to use the legal system to finish the goal in which achieving even greater power to bring me down and shut me up.   WHAT WOULD YOU DO?  Would you keep silent?

I ignored it at first, for almost 5 months but during this time I submitted complaints to law enforcement.  They took every complaint but told me there is nothing they can do. People have freedom of speech, it’s a civil case. I was told I would have to go to the county courthouse where the person resides to file a civil case.  Problem was, within 6 months 1 with a grudge became  5 main people working together in a group effort all from different areas attacking every aspect of my life including my family. I was called and asked for money, I had been bribed and even used as a pawn against each other as that group was infighting each other.  This was a mentally sick situation and in the end, no one will take accountability for their contributions, instead they blame the victim.

Being cyber gang stalked is an overwhelming experience that cases an individual to feel hopeless when abusive situations using electronic communications to convince social media to enable threats, fear, sex stories, lies, fact twisting, deception, delusional stories with some very dangerous people.

After the situation turned into a huge group effort coming at me from all different kinds of resources almost daily, the only coping method I had was to expose what they were doing by using their own video content and replying it.  I have never seen anything like this in all my years of social media and business transactions and I started social media in 1993.

The original 1 person holding a grudge on me, got her awakening trying to break off away from the rest of the gang and since we have been able to talk about what happened throughout that course of time.  The situation feels shifty and tense. I have trust issues. Although we can talk civil I do not feel friendship can be established on a trusting basis.

Coming soon…

To the attorney of this person I never get a name to contact, allow me to provide a depiction of just ONE of the threats I received from your client.