A Look At Internet Gang Stalking

I have become acquainted with;
iPredator Inc. is a New York based Internet Safety Company founded to provide products and services addressing cyberbullying, cyber harassment, cyberstalking, cybercrime, internet defamation, cyber terrorism, online predation and online deception. Created by a NYS licensed psychologist and certified forensic consultant, Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D., their goal is to reduce victimization, theft and disparagement from online assailants.

New York
Phone: 347-871-2416
If you are being abused online, I suggest contacting , Michael Nuccitelli after reading his website thoroughly.  You first should learn what cyber abuse consists of.

A little bit of my story, just a small fraction:
My expression is FREEDOM of SPEECH and like others, I do not support the anti-government conspiracy theories over logic and reason.  In the course of debunking conspiracy that causes fear mongering and fake news, voicing my opinion, I became THE EVIL ENEMY.   Nothing could be more plain and simple.  It’s ok for people to believe conspiracy theories, for some it’s a hobby just as reading true crime novels are hobbies and interest of others. But people also need to have the choice of other options  as well.  When people have choices they have freedom to pick and choose topics. And finding what you trust to believe in should be your own free will and not your death sentence as long as the activity you choose IS LEGAL.  You should never ever have to suffer abuse because you decide not to believe in something, whether it’s a political matter, religion,  your choice in friendships, who to love or how you choose to live your own life.

My attack started from a woman holding a grudge that convinced her friends and others to harass me. This group, supporting anti-government extremist freeload rancher, Cliven Bundy, Pete Santilli,  and the death wish of LaVoy Finicum suicide by police while reaching for his gun during a road stop in Oregon.  These people became radical with the idea Finicum is a hero. Well, I didn’t get on board with that.
Here is a video from another that depicts the incident well spoken.

It’s normal for people to disagree and move on.  Sometimes they exchange a few words and move on, right?  Not this cyber gang. This gang had an agenda, something I have never seen before.  They do not let you ignore them.  What is worse, there is evidence surfacing that show premeditated abuse of power for personal gain and  revenge.  Opportunist are grifting money from elderly and vets, and abuses against women accelerated.  Children are exploited and used as threats of intimidation and doxing the family becomes their power over each other. Children stalked online and the problem that extremist create the most is, HATE and FEAR. And they don’t leave you alone even after filing litigation. It’s been a horrible experience. They target every part of your life and flip it with deceptions, fictitious lies, while they stalk you.

Elderly people and vets became a targets for money by some troublemakers calling themselves Patriots and supportive of the Constitution have grifted on this opportunity by e-begging.  And these people are backed by gangs of aggression.  If you don’t support them, you’re on the list for severe harassment and they go after everything you own, these constitutional thumpers want MY freedoms removed and brag how bad they want me in JAIL.  It’s disgusting and shocking and I believe this behavior should be criminal against our civil rights. After his phone call I gave him money willingly, out of fear. But when I had to stop paying him “what he called donations” I was attacked as being a grandmother on drugs. When I cut him off, I told him I had to be with my son for support instead. My son was taking his marriage break up very hard and my predator knew I had grandchildren involved when him and his co-host set out to harm my family. I have also found one of their contractors, I woman from TX stalking our local schools gym coach while he was posting pics of the class in the pool.  Another woman in the gang made fake sex stories that when I was a minor I was held hostage for 3 days and raped. This came after she showed my doxxing information on video to the public domain, then contacted my dox to a distributor.  After thanking the contractor for spreading out my info, she left comments and twitter posts thanking him. After months of daily attacks, sex stories and lies about me dealing drugs, they tried to have me swatted. One of the woman tried to convince several others to all file restraining orders on my at once, knowing I would not be able to obligate was one of the confessions by the woman in the photo below showing my dox. I have blurred the writing on her paper for the screenshot photo but have the original.  I was able to obtain 50 gb of video evidence.  By making themselves appear to be the victim, they all have a story that I have broke up their families and continue to threaten to sue me.  There is another woman from TX currently still active in the gang using twitter to keep the harassment on going.  This one had posed as a supportive friend, acting against the gang long enough to get personal information and data mined everything about me. She had created multiple sock account pages on Facebook with postings that were actually defamation about the gang members, acting as a supportive to me. As soon as litigation was filed, immediately switched the game to harassing me. While acting as my friend, she was feeding information of my actions calling my sheriff and it escalated real fast when I went to our courthouse to get paperwork to file 5 restraining orders.  We had a snowstorm the next day so I did not return the finished forms to my courthouse while  one of the other woman raced to her courthouse to file first.  The woman posing as a friend was reporting info to the gang.  Including my profile on POF when I used the site for business advertising when I was with Leather Cellar. Many of my clients seen my ads on multiple websites. I used to pay anywhere from $500 on up to $1000 a month for advertising on every alternative lifestyle site I could find.  The Tx woman made videos with my profile making me seem gay, which doesn’t bother me as I love my family members and friends all equal. Kevin and I have been married since 1982 as many of you who have met us in person at our hosted munch groups and other Wisconsin state hosted groups.  Now I am paying an attorney and a cyber forensic investigator.   I refuse to be a doormat when it involves domestic abuse especially extremists that do not seen like responsible gun owners targeting people non supportive of their ideology for abusive reasons.

Below one of a dozen examples of ganging up activity.  The women get Mr.XMan to attack me.  The ringleader tells the other one just keep making your videos, you are doing news, then she goes into her news report making up her own death threat while stalking my facebook page. In that video, she is showing herself from a video she made prior to stalking my facebook and reading a conversation between my sister and I.

And Below is the result of MrXman in his sock puppet account.  This person has texted me twice.  This is just one of many followers from their social media circle, remember I said I have 50 gig.

Below is a photo she sent me of a firearm during the time frame of threats of lawsuits.  All I know is this is what started the harassment in June 2016 after I broke off the acquaintance for her asking me to do something I did not want to do and became very uncomfortable about the legality of the situation. I was asked to Dox children so she could show them how easy it was to find them on the internet.  One of the children is her husbands granddaughter.  I ask her to talk to the kids parents and when she told me she was outed from the family, I thought, holyshit, this woman wants to set me up!  She often brags about an illegal group she used to run in prior years crashing computers of people she blamed for trying to pick up kids on Yahoo groups. If this woman wanted to show the granddaughter how easy it was to find someone’s location on the internet, why ask someone else to do it? Why not record yourself. Why a stranger?  I broke off the acquaintance and filed an ic3.gov to protect myself. I knew the woman was aware I did not support their so called “patriot movement” when all her shows were based on ethnic bashing when she ask me to be her co-host because I did have a different opinion.  Her friends told me she blames me for her family problems and has held a grudge, although she briefly broke the ice with me when she did not want to lie and get caught perjuring the court.  That is when the other woman copied this one’s death threat plus blamed me for content belonging to the one posing as my friend!  Records of the content uploaded to all of her accounts prove the content is not mine. FBI investigated and there was no death threat ever made.

WARNING The video below is GRAPHIC

This is the work of a vicious cyber predator.
The woman tries to gaslight me and this video is really fictitious, over the top!  Revenge and grudge,   I’m guessing it’s obvious from the child doxxing incident June 2016,  I rejected.  I have worked with children in my prior career and I know the difference between right and wrong.  I am not going to let this woman con me into doing something I’m extremely uncomfortable with. Period!  I had JUST learned what doxxing was from THIS WOMAN. I Never heard of it before this time.  I have not made any death threats, although these people say they get death threats all the time from various people, probably even make their own up. If it was done to me, this can be done to others to.  I have never been raped as a 14 year old child OR held for 3 days hostage.  That is garbage bottom of the trash bin for something to be able to think up a story like that against another woman. Plus, I have never been abused as a child at all.  I had awesome parents and an older sister that was always with me.  At the end of the video where she says my uncles held a man while I murdered him.  My father is the youngest and all of his brothers are old and frail. I can imagine a couple of old frail guys with walkers holding down a guy so I can kill him. No pun intended.  The woman had already make up her own death threat. Then to top it off, the only uncle I have living is in TX from my mother’s side.  Now when I was doxxed by this gang, my bank information would be included if they know I don’t have any money.  Lot’s of threats about the FBI. In another video, I was threatened to be swatted because this woman says I sell drugs.


Just a good ole boy, never meaning no harm, right?








Below is the third party person under one of her sock accounts, that posed as a friend until litigation was filed.  This is the one that acted like she was harassing against the gang and acted supportive to me until litigation filed. Now she is the third party harassment for the ringleader who filed and can no longer harass, but she has harassed extensively after filing.  It is a normal behavior for the stalker, to make it look like they are being stalked.

Of all the worse things a sick person can do is use her traggity in ways against people. I am not the only person she has done this to.  When she acted like a supportive friend to gain my trust, this was one of the things she told me and got my sympathy with, she was blaming the gang of using her son’s death against her to.  See below.  2 1/2 years later the woman is still using this excuse when targeting someone.  And this imaginary drone! Do they even have drones to hover from WI to TX? How am I even supposed to know where this woman’s son was killed in TX. I hardly know her.  We became acquainted for a very short time.

Like I said above, I have never seen anything like this! Unbelievable!

Here is some of her Facebook accounts bashing folks. And some of the content I was blamed for in a protective order.

Helping me fight against cyber harassment is helping you fight for your rights as well and what happens when this group targets youth online, and it’s YOUR child, or this groups own children from hearing and watching their caregivers act and talk like this. When you grow up with these behaviors, abuse might seem normal. We can not let strangers in social media control who we are just because they don’t like us for having freedom of choice and opinion to be who we are.

Oh there is way more, but I’m leaving the rest for my attorney.   It doesn’t stop because it’s sick.  One woman pergered the court with the others content and this woman tries to keep me intimidated under control.  Stalking my kids and local community.  Thanks to Dean, I got used to a courtroom and it’s not so bad but an attorney is necessary.  Now I’m going to force a stop to this one, a career serial stalker.  

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I made this meme in light of abuse. Please share awareness

When people hear things that contradict their beliefs, the logical part of their mind shuts down and their brain prepares to fight. – So what happened in people’s brains when they saw information that contradicted their worldview in a charged political environment? As soon as they recognized the video clips as being in conflict with their worldview, the parts of the brain that handle reason and logic went dormant. And the parts of the brain that handle hostile attacks — the fight-or-flight response — lit up.

I took this photo in 1995 when I was still TLC Designs
from my gift gag products this became a popular meme! lol
How flattering is that!

Meet the Yankee that really made a lot of sense
And I am thankful for good people like him.

When I spoke out,  delusional trolls cried to social media for help!

Yes! To social media! And guess what? His female partner stood up influencing other trolls to gang up and here I am today.  The judge didn’t get all of the evidence I had, and I didn’t get the evidence she had.  So this is a case that
needed a thorough investigation by professionals.
My intent is not to leak names because I’m not enabling anyone to seek them out and harass them.  My intent is to protect you from predators.